Error cPanel "Your IP address has changed. Please log in again"

Error cPanel "Your IP address has changed. Please log in again"

This error occurs when your IP address changed while you logged into your cPanel control panel. There must be two possibilities behind this error message.

1). Either, Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has a short DHCP lease time, due to which your IP address changes frequently.

2). Or, You are logging into cPanel control panel using the same account from two different machines concurrently.

Why it happens?
This happens due to security measures your hosting provider set at his end to limit an attacker to hijack your session information to login into your account. This kind of attack is known as "Man in the Middle attack". Your Hosting provider set Cookie IP validation as strong for this security measure.

How to resolve this error?
If you want to remove this security measure you will need root access for WHM. If you have that then you can set Cookie IP validation to "Loose" to resolve this error through these steps:

1). Login to WHM >> "Main" >> "Server Configuration" >> "Tweak Settings" >> Click on "Security" tab.

2). Check for "Cookie IP Validation" and change settings to "Loose" or you can disable it completely.

3). Clear your browser's cache and restart your Internet connection, and then try again.

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